Roy and siblings before both of their parents died. They were living in Alameda.
Roy and siblings after they had been adopted by the Anderson family
Roy early photo of Jens'
Roy college years.
Roy in Alaska age 19.
Roy on boat with friends.
Roy and Betty are married.
Roy photos of homes in San Fransisco.
Roy the actor.
Roy looking down onto Berkeley from his work at the Lawrence Radiation Lab -as head librarian.

Roy worked as a special librarian for a variety of government agencies. He worked for the state at the Ferry Bldg, for the Navy and the Army and then for the US Department of Defense at what was then known as the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley. One of his most famous customers was Luis Alvarez who was designated as a Nobel Laureate in 1968. Partially due to Roy’s excellent librarian skills.

Roy, Betty, Nancy, and Jim at 638 Viona in Oakland.
Roy at Campo Seco.
Roy on a cruise in Greece, 1986.
Memorial at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland.

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