1998 Honda Accord EX

This memory is about Blaise Thompson's first car: a 1998 Honda Accord EX.

year 1998
make Honda
model Accord
body 4 door sedan
option EX
WI license plate 279 WDM
WI title number 14097A5002-6
VIN 1HGCG565XWA069663
cylinders 4
width 195"
aspect ratio 65%
diameter 15"
code 195/65R15

Blaise and his dad bought this car off of craigslist summer 2011. Nancy nicknamed the car "black beauty".

2004-01-24 sold

Vehicle purchased by Lesly M. Hellerud. 57229 miles.

2004-04-30 transmission problems

Comment at Honda Dealer: transmission hesitates when shifting from first to second. 60675 miles.

2011-06-18 sold

Vehicle was sold by Ben and Lesley Taylor (of Grapevine, Texas) to David Thompson for $2,800. Condition: "as is".

2019-03-14 battery replaced

Replaced battery, Walmart.

2020 blown out tire

On Monday 2020-10-26 I blew out the front drivers-side tire on a pothole on Fish Hatchery road. I was driving to the Gym very early, between 4 and 5. I put on the spare tire and limped back home.

On Saturday 2020-11-01 I purchased a new tire. The pictures above helped me purchase the new tire. I purchased one General Altimax RT43 195/65R15 91 H Tire from Walmart for $85.99.

2020-12-26 electrical problems

On Saturday the 26th Blaise observed three problems with the car:

The common denominator is the brake switch, which we investigated. Eventually we found that the 20 A "stop" fuse which fuses the brake lights was being burnt out every time the brake was depressed.

Some splicing work for the brake light in the roof of the trunk was found to be shorting out. After fixing this problem, the car seems to work fine. However cruse control is still broken.

In the process of fixing this problem David reset the car computer by disconnecting the battery for several seconds. We also discovered that the rear passenger-side brake light was broken, which could be coincidental. The brake light was replaced the next day, working fine. Although we could not measure any problems with the brake switch, Blaise is still suspicious and would like to see that switch replaced.

2021-06-28 maintenance

Replaced oil, windshield wiper fluid.

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