Jimmy Thompson

Jimmy as a baby.
Jimmy as a child.
Jimmy with Uncle George and Father Orville.
Jimmy at Elsie Ave.
Jimmy and his mother Alma. Possibly at their home in Green Acres.
Jimmy (center) with brothers Orvie (left) and George (right). Possibly at their home in Green Acres.
Jimmy (left) and much younger brother Michael (right) at Green Acres. 1954. Jimmy was the oldest of 5 brothers. Michael was born in 1949.
Jimmy as a young adult. To Laverna. Laverna likely hand colorized this photo, which would have been in black and white originally.
Jimmy and Laverna are married. 1956, St. Paul's Lutheran Church.
(3 pictures) Jimmy and Laverna's home, 2318 Kerry St, Davenport Iowa.
Jimmy (far left) in a local bowling league.
Jimmy with grandson Chris Payne. Chris, son of Linda and Tom, is around 2 in the this photo. Taken during Christmas Time in Davenport IA. . Possibly son David.
Jimmy with son David working truck "GMC Jimmy". David was on leave from Air Force. Likely West Lake park.
Jimmy with son David camping.
Jimmy with son David camping just outside of Yellowstone.
Top row: Alma (Jimmy's mother), Orville (Jimmy's father), Jimmy, Mike (Jimmy's Brother), David (Jimmy's son). Bottom row: Jimmy's brothers Richard, George. Final brother Orvie took the picture.
David and Jimmy. Jimmy died that night, while David was flying to Germany. December 1979.

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