Radford Wedding

This memory is written in first person from the perspective of Blaise Thompson.

2022-08-10 Wednesday §

After stopping in Iowa City to swap the Accord for the Accura, Kevin and I drove on to Windmill State Park in central Nebraska. We camped, it was humble but adequate. The nearby Platte River was mostly dry, we visited Rowe Sanctuary where we saw many Western Kingbirds. This area is apparently a very popular and famous stopping point for Sandhill Cranes on their migragion.

Platte Riverbed dry on a hot August day.
Western Kingbird.
Our campsite at Windmill State Park.

2022-08-11 Thursday §

Driving west through the panhandle of Nebraska, we ate lunch at a restaurant called simply "Diner". We then "summited" Nebraska, going to the highest point in the very south west corner of the panhandle. The electric windmills were a sight to see.

Lunch at the Diner.
New electric windmills dominate the horizon near an abandoned farm house.
A wild pronghorn.
Nebraska high point marker. Note the horned lark taking shade.
Kevin signs the highpoint log book.
A horned lark sits on the fence, with horns visible.

We drove south into Colorado and to our campsite in Pawnee National Grasslands. We stayed in the grasslands at Crow Valley Family Campground. What a stunning place and a wonderful campground.

Pigeons crowd around a telephone pole near Crow Valley campground.
A mountain plover, rare bird that we were very lucky to see. It is taking shade near a fence post and signage.
A band winged meadowhawk dragonfly seen in the ghost town of Keota.
A twelve-spotted skimmer dragonfly seen in the ghost town of Keota.
Cows enjoying the grassland near our campsite.
Our grassy campsite. It was so hot we slept without the rain fly.

2022-08-12 Friday §

On friday we headed south to Denver for a day of activities with Felix. We enjoyed breakfast at the Musgrave home, went to the bachelor party (fencing!), checked out my suit from Men's Wearhouse, attended the rehersal dinner, and finally enjoyed a stunning meal at a very fancy restaurant. What an exhausting day!

Blaise prepares to lose to Felix in a friendly fencing match.
Wedding guests enjoy dinner at The Fort. Kevin enjoyed rocky mountain oysters.

2022-08-13 Saturday §

The wedding day! As best man I was responsible for transporting Felix and many other logistical details. It was a wonderful wedding at Trinity United Methodist Church in downtown Denver. The service was a traditional episcopal one, and the organ was used to great effect. After the service all enjoyed a long and joyus reception at the Musgrave home.

Best man, groom, bride, and bridesmaid.
Kevin and Blaise pose in the church after the wedding ends.
The newly wedded couple is announced at the reception.
Kendall, Amrita, Kevin, Blaise, and Felix hold the Bates banner at the reception. # 2022-08-14 Sunday Our goal on sunday was to make it back to Iowa City. We stopped a few times to check out more birds and wildlife. Unfortunately a tire burst on the way home, so it became a bit more of an adventure than we would have liked. Still, we made it safely to Iowa City at just past 2 AM.
A magpie seen preening itself near McDonalds.
Damselfly seen at Lake McConaughy, Nebraska.
Halloween pennant dragonfly seen at Lake McConaughy, Nebraska.
Northern Leopard Frog seen at Lake McConaughy, Nebraska.
Kevin poses in front of the large dam at Lake McConaughy.
Mississippi Kite seen in downtown Ogallala.
Our burst tire which caused quite the delay.
# 2022-08-15 Monday Waking up late, we enjoyed a simple meal and a walk at Palsades Kepler before heading back to Madison.
Nancy poses at Palasades Kepler state park.
David and Karaby play near the Cedar River.

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